Freezing temperatures with snow and ice can cause major disruption on the roads! Being prepared is key when travelling in snow as the cold weather makes your car much more likely to break down.

In the event of a break down in bad weather, having these essential items in your car will hopefully keep you safe until help arrives…

First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is essential to be able to deal with minor injuries at any time of year.

In-Car Phone Charger

Always keep an in-car phone charger in your car as in an emergency,  you may need to charge your mobile phone in order to get help!

A Roadmap

Even in modern times with Sat Nav, there is always a place for a Roadmap in your car!  Should you get lost or end up in a diversion, a Roadmap could prove rather useful!


If you get stuck in deep snow, a shovel is essential for digging yourself out of trouble, literally! Many of the smaller roads end up untreated, so keeping a shovel in the car is a smart idea!

Reflective Warning Signs

You need two of these, one for the front of your car and one for the rear.  These are a great idea should you break down and are not visible enough to other motorists. These will help to avoid collisions.

Food and Drink

An essential for any breakdown kit! Being stranded at the roadside for hours can be traumatic enough, but without food and drink, it can be so much worse, particularly if you have children in the car!

Empty Fuel Can

Many of us have been there! Running out of fuel and being stranded at the roadside is never fun, but when it’s freezing cold, it’s so much worse!  Keep an empty fuel can in your car so that if you do run out of fuel, you can at least get to a petrol station and refuel!

Jump Leads

In cold weather, flat or dead batteries are much more likely to occur, although it can happen at any time. Keeping Jump Leads in your car will ensure that you can get your car moving again!

Warm Clothes and Blankets

Always keep warm clothes in the car in Winter. A thick coat, jumper, scarf, gloves, and hat are essential if you break down in freezing temperatures.

Torch and Spare Batteries

This is an essential part of any Winter breakdown kit! Being stranded in the pitch black at the side of a country road can be extremely dangerous and so a large torch with spare batteries is a must-have in any car!

Ice Scraper and De-icer

These are definitely essential items as keeping your front and rear windscreen clear of snow and ice is a legal requirement.


Having a pair of sunglasses in your car is a must, as driving in low winter sun can really affect driver visibility.

Snow Boots

If you find yourself stranded in heavy snow ensure that you have a pair of snow boots in your car. These would be really beneficial if you needed to abandon your car and head off on foot.

High-Visibility Jacket

This is essential if you need to leave your car for any reason as it will help you to be seen by other motorists.

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