In a slightly sci-fi way of promoting the performance of a particular brand of engine oil, professional driver Matt Powers gets behind the wheel of his Roush Stage 3 Mustang wearing a virtual reality headset for an out-of-this-world ride with Castrol’s Virtual Drift.

Blind to the real world around him, but fully-immersed in a rapidly changing 3D virtual world, Matt dodges computer-generated boulders, crumbling track, tunnels and sheer cliff drops, only seen in his Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 headset.

The Virtual Drift challenge was part of Castrol EDGE’s Titanium Trials, a series of driving challenges which, they say, “brings man and machine together to push the boundaries of performance enabled by the strength of Castrol EDGE boosted with fluid Titanium technology”.

Indeed. We think it’s just an excuse to show off flashy technology, but whatever…

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