We recently wrote a blog in relation to how the new speeding rules, which came into force on 24th April, could affect you. We now know that following the strict new rules, you can expect to see a huge rise in your car insurance premiums, should you be caught speeding!

The new speeding rules mean that, as of 24th April, anyone caught speeding will receive much harsher penalties than before.  These are divided into 3 bands, A, B and C and depending on the severity of the offence, the penalty can be as much as 175% of your weekly income or even disqualification from driving in some cases!

And now in addition to those harsher penalties, if you are caught speeding under the new rules, you can also expect to be stung by your insurance premium too! For example, if you’re caught driving at 31mph in a 20mph zone, you can now expect to receive six points on your licence, which could see your insurance premium rocket by nearly 76%!  So as well as the much more severe speeding fines, you could find yourself paying much more for your insurance too!

With speeding fines of up to £2500, rocketing insurance premiums is the last thing drivers’ need, therefore this expense alone may be a strong enough incentive for motorists to watch their speed!
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