New research has found that many drivers would prefer to change brands when they change their car.

By analyzing thousands of used car searches and valuation requests, have found that 74% of people are looking to move from their current badge to a different one – and those who currently drive Peugeot, Renault and Toyota are the people who are most likely to want a different brand.

There is loyalty out there though with 50% of Audi owners being the most likely to stick with their current manufacturer.

45% of Ford owners also seem very happy to stick with their choice although they could be swayed into a BMW or Vauxhall.

Mercedes owners are also very loyal but also often consider BMW whilst checking alternatives.

So what do we learn from all this?

Well, several things. Manufacturers are all upping their game – and bringing out models so frequently that when people get to the point of changing their car they look around at all the options.

Much of this looking around is done on the internet – comparing specifications and requesting prices and part exchange valuations, which is a great convenience ( for example)

But ultimately every buyer also wants to physically compare cars, sit in them and get a feel for them, side by side – and that can mean an awful lot of driving around at the weekend to lots of car dealerships.

But of course you can avoid that, that’s what Car Supermarkets are for…! ( for example)

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