We hear so many stories about various organisations and bodies making administrative errors that we tend to gloss over them – but when we experience them first hand we sit up and take notice.

It was during an annual check of staff driving licences that it came to light that a work colleague had had their licence revoked by the DVLA  – a fact that came as a total surprise to said colleague!.

Precisely how this had come about we don’t know – and for the purpose of this article it doesn’t really matter (administrative error in Swansea?). What does matter is that our colleague had been driving for 3 months without a ‘legal’ driving licence and, once the error had been discovered, had to stop driving for 3 weeks until the matter could be corrected and a new licence issued.

Now, I’m sure that if there had been any driving or insurance issues during this 3 months period then they would have eventually been sorted out(?) – but imagine the worry and heart-ache, after having an accident then discovering that your insurance was invalid or you were driving illegally?

But there are other serious implications too:

What if you went to hire a car – and couldn’t do so because you were ‘banned’.

Or a new employer checked your licence and caught you ‘lying’ about your ability to drive?

Or just an ‘on-the-spot’ check by traffic police – you wouldn’t be allowed to continue your journey.

These administrative errors are easy to make, a letter out of place here or a mistiped (sic) word there (there must be more than one John Smith with a UK Driving Licence), so it’s well worth taking 2 minutes to check for yourself.

And you can check online at the DVLA website, all you need is your Driving Licence Number, your NI Number, and your Postcode.

Click here: https://www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record/licence-number


And whilst you’re at it, why not register with the NHS Organ Donation Register. There’s a link at the bottom of the page – it’s a wonderful thing to do and takes about 1 minute and can save many lives.


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