To promote the red-hot 2015 Mustang – and in timely fashion, given that it’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday – Ford have unveiled a quirky video for a Mustang Speed Dating prank.

Unsuspecting gentlemen meet an attractive blonde lady in a coffee shop for a chat, before she offers them a lift home in her sexy Mustang GT. She plays the ‘dumb blonde’ very well, offering awkward small talk while struggling with the ‘stick shift’ – to the point where one of the men offers to drive the car for her.

That’s when the Mustang twist on speed dating comes into force as she tears round a parking lot, screeching tyres, plumes of smoke and white-knuckle grips and wide eyes from her passengers. Take a look:

After she pulls over, reveals the prank and points out the hidden cameras in the car, one man breathlessly claims: “This is like the best first date I’ve been on in my life”.

It’s pure marketing for sure – and well edited – if we were in that car, we’d be turning the air blue – but it’s fun, nonetheless.

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