You may have seen in the news that the guidelines given to magistrates to decide on speeding fines have changed – with fines being based on income for the most serious offences.

Changes were announced on 24th January and will come into effect on 24th April.

So what are ‘the most serious offences’?

These are what are called Band C offences and are for drivers who exceed the speed limits by more than a certain figure – and these Band C offenders will be fined 150 percent of their weekly income!. For someone earning around £25,000 per year that amounts to a fine of around £720.

For example, a Band C offence is driving 41 mph in a 20 mph zone, driving 66 mph in a 40 mph zone or driving 101 mph in a 70 mph zone.

But remember, you can also get disqualified from driving for these offences – so a fine is only the start of your problems.

However, we have found a terrific way of avoiding these fines AND avoiding the driving ban.

Don’t speed.

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