Clarkson, Hammond and May have just launched a website / social network / sharing platform thing called DriveTribe which looks quite good.

Think of Pinterest for all things automotive with the added benefit of a sort of blogging interaction – there are a wide range of ‘tribes’ on the site and you choose which you want to follow and/or contribute to.

And when we say ‘wide range’ we do mean wide range.

The site is young but it’s already populated with a broad range of automotive related areas – as you’d expect; Ferrari, BMW, Classics, Drifting, Le Mans are already catered for. But there are many more – The Perfect Roads, E-Garage, Dogs In Cars, Car Gaming and (ahem) Cars & Girls are some of the more specialist boards which can be subscribed to.
It looks great – there are some really great boards and it looks like a fun resource to find like-minded pics and people.

How it will evolve – who knows, it could very soon get far too commercial and populated with ads and promotions but right now it looks slick and a far too easy way to lose a couple of hours of valuable time.

Take a look at You can sign up with your email or via Facebook.

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