There are some very strange driving laws in the EU, and if you are not aware of them, you could end up being stopped by the police without even realising you have done anything wrong.

It is essential that if you are planning to drive in the EU this Summer, you do your research on the country you are travelling to.  Look up their driving laws and make sure that you are familiar with them. Every country has its own driving laws and some of them are rather strange!

Most of Europe requires you to carry a First Aid Kit, however, in France you also need to carry a breathalyser, in Serbia a length of rope, and in Spain a spare pair of driving glasses! It is rather complicated to understand all of the driving laws, as every country is different, and although you can buy specialist driving kits for driving abroad, these do not cover items you need in every country, for example, a fire extinguisher if you are travelling to Greece.

Another issue to be aware of is your car insurance. Many people presume that their policy covers them comprehensively when driving abroad, however, most policies only offer the basic level of cover, rather than the fully comprehensive cover it gives you at home.  Therefore, calling your insurance provider before you travel to upgrade your policy, if necessary, to foreign-use cover is advised. If you don’t do this and your car is damaged or stolen, you could end up with a very expensive repair or the cost of a new car!

Breakdown cover is also something which often does not extend to Europe. Check your policy, and if need be, you should be able to upgrade by paying an extra premium.

Familiarising yourself with road signs, driving laws and the local area before you travel can help you to feel much better prepared, and allow you to drive with more confidence. It can also help you to avoid unnecessary fines.

Some of the strangest laws we came across were:

You can be fined for having a dirty car in Russia!

If you are driving in Finland in winter, you need to reduce your speed by 20 kmph!

In Scandinavia, you must always have your headlights on, both day and night!

Make sure you check under your car for children in Denmark before setting off!

Don’t eat or drink anything whilst behind the wheel in Cyprus, including water!

If you are travelling to the EU this Summer, we wish you a very happy and fine free holiday!

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