Online valuations are vague and inaccurate. 

They don’t take into account the exact specification of your car, the exact mileage of your car or the exact condition of your car. These forms often just ask for basic information, therefore can only provide you with a guide price, not an accurate valuation. 

It’s important to understand exactly what your car is worth, as a guide price is just that, a guide, and can change significantly once your car has been professionally assessed. If you have an exact price for your car then you are then able to make an informed decision about what your budget is going to be for your next car.

The AvailableCar Valuation Team will give you an exact value.

We WILL give you the BEST and most ACCURATE price for your PART EXCHANGE based on the condition of your car, any fitted extras it may have and other factors including colour, mileage, desirability etc.  This is much more than an online valuation form can do.

We often find that customers come to us very disappointed after receiving various online part exchange valuations from online car buying companies, only to find that when they have taken the car to them, the price offered is much less than the online valuation.

Bringing your car to us rather than using the online car buying companies, means that you can be sure you will get the BEST and most ACCURATE price, knowing that we have taken the time to value your car based on everything it has, not just on its registration and a vague description online.  You can also be sure that the price we offer you is the price you will get, which saves you valuable time and also avoids the disappointment of being offered a much lower price than your online valuation.

Get a professional part exchange valuation from our team by contacting your closest AvailableCar store or click here to book your appointment online.

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