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Watch out! New speeding fines could see your car insurance premiums rise by more than £300, even at 31mph!

We recently wrote a blog in relation to how the new speeding rules, which came into force on 24th April, could affect you. We now know that following the strict new rules, you can expect to see a huge rise… Continue Reading →

Why buying a used car from us, over a new car from a main dealer, is the smarter choice!

It can often be confusing as to what the smartest decision is when buying a new or used car. There are some really attractive low monthly payment options available on new cars, which can be a magnet to people wanting… Continue Reading →

The driving test is changing!

The driving test is changing and learner drivers will soon need to prove that they can use a sat nav and drive into a parking bay in order to pass their test. The changes are being made to ensure that… Continue Reading →

What is an admin fee when buying a car, and should you be paying one?

When you have bought a car in the past, you may have noticed that you were charged an ‘admin fee’!  This is added on to the cost of the car sale, usually for things such as paperwork, checks, valeting the… Continue Reading →

From today, speeding could cost you up to 175% of your weekly income or even disqualification!

From today, there are new rules in place for any drivers caught speeding in the UK.  The penalties are now much more severe and anyone who excessively exceeds the speed limit, will not only be hit hard in the wallet but… Continue Reading →

Is your car ready for Summer?

There is always a big focus every year on how to get your car ready for winter, but getting your car ready for summer is actually just as important! The roads are very different in summer and our journeys are… Continue Reading →

Speeding fines set to rocket from next week! Are you aware of the new rules?

From 24th April, the rules are changing in relation to the way drivers will be fined for speeding offences in the UK.  As of next week, the maximum fine will increase for speeding offences and could see motorists fined as… Continue Reading →

Car Insurance could rise above £1000 next year!

Over the past year, car insurance prices have risen by 16%, meaning the average driver now pays £781 per year for their car insurance premium.  This is expected to rise to above 2011′s record of £858 later this year, which… Continue Reading →

The Ford Fiesta! Britains much loved car over 40 years!

Over four decades ago, the Ford Fiesta first rolled off the production line in Spain. It has never been far from the top of the bestsellers’ list and still remains one of the world’s most-loved cars. Since the Ford Fiesta launched… Continue Reading →

The tailgating driving law, you may not even know about, but could land you with 3 points and £100 fine!

Tailgating is when motorists drive too closely to the vehicle in front, usually in an attempt to get them to move over to let them past or get them to speed up. It seems though, that a third of British… Continue Reading →

A used car, just like new – That’s the AvailableCar Way

At AvailableCar, we pride ourselves on giving our customers a remarkable used car shopping experience! We don’t sell cars, we help our customers to buy and we firmly believe in offering an easy, no pressure, and hassle-free experience to all… Continue Reading →

Motorists – Could you be paying far too much for your car insurance?

If you leave your motor insurance policy to auto-renew every year, then it could be costing you much more than it needs to! According to research, it seems many of us are allowing our policies to auto-renew every year! This… Continue Reading →

Fantasy Car of the Week (ok, occasional post about a dream car)

Behold!… the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina.   “This is the happiest day of my life” (?) said Brazillian Formula 1 World Champion legend at the unveiling of this supercar at the Geneva Motor Show, “Growing up in… Continue Reading →

The Spring Budget 2017 – What does it mean for motorists?

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, delivered his first Budget statement on Wednesday 8th March with the usual increases and cuts, promises and vagaries we have come to expect from all such speeches over the years.   But what can we expect… Continue Reading →

Stolen! – the UK’s most popular cars (popular with car thieves that is!)

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have had your car stolen you will know that feeling of utter confusion and bewilderment which quickly escalates to one of frustration and total rage. Tracker, the stolen vehicle recovery experts, have revealed… Continue Reading →

From today, fines and penalties for using a mobile whilst driving have increased – and you could lose your licence.

  So what can and what can’t you do with your mobile?… You CANNOT check social media or texts even if you’re queuing in traffic or stopped at traffic lights. A hand held phone must not be used at all,… Continue Reading →

Potholes – the bane of every motorist’s life and it’s costing us money.

Potholes can damage our tyres, damage our wheels, knock out our tracking and cause minor and serious accidents. And at this time of year, after rain, frost, snow, more rain etc, they seem more prevalent than ever. So if you’re… Continue Reading →

Insurance Premiums in the news AGAIN as premiums set to rise – AGAIN!

We reported earlier this month that Insurance Premiums hit an all-time high last year. Well guess what, they’re going to get even higher very shortly. The government’s review of accident compensation has concluded that the sums paid out to claimants… Continue Reading →

Your chance to own one the first Ferraris ever built – and what a beauty!

It’s a 1950 Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta and one of the first cars ever to wear the famous prancing horse Ferrari badge. As you’d expect, the car oozes history – it was raced in both the 1951 and 1953 Mille… Continue Reading →

Our daily commute adds almost 800 calories every week!

Recent findings by the Royal Society for Public Health have reported that the average UK commuter adds almost 800 calories to their diet every week as a result of their journey to and from work. This is based on an… Continue Reading →

Car Insurance Premiums at an All-Time High!

It’s been reported by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) that car insurance premiums hit an all-time high in the fourth quarter of 2016, rising by over five times more than inflation!. There are several reasons – tax increases and… Continue Reading →

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