It’s nearly here! Christmas is just around the corner… in fact, Christmas Eve is just 5 weeks away!

So here are some great Christmas gift ideas for the car lover in your life!

Lego Technic Car Model - Guaranteed to thrill any car enthusiast, there is a range of different cars to choose from including a Land Rover Defender, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS or a Bugatti Chiron.

Books – Car enthusiast manuals such as the Audi Quattro Rally Car or for a century’s worth of history in one book try 100 years of Bentley.

Personalised Registration Plate - With a wide range of plates available to suit various budgets, a personalised registration plate can make the perfect Christmas gift for a car enthusiast!

Dashcam  - A dashcam can offer peace of mind for drivers and offers an extra pair of eyes on the road! This could be the perfect gift for the more cautious driver!

Handpresso Handcoffee Auto in-car coffee machine - Coffee-drinking drivers who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a hot cuppa at motorway services may find a lot to like about this in-car dispenser. You only need to power the Handcoffee Auto by plugging it into your car’s cigarette lighter, and the manufacturer has designed the machine to sit snugly in a cup holder while it’s brewing.

DAB Adaptor - A DAB adaptor gives you full access to the huge list of digital radio stations available in this country in pretty much, crystal clear audio quality. It isn’t too complicated to set up and works through an FM transmitter or an aux cable.

Driving Gloves - These are a great gift for car enthusiasts. During the winter, they keep hands warm against a cold steering wheel, without sacrificing grip like other gloves. They will also protect fresh leather steering wheels from dirt and oil that can build up from driving barehanded.

Car Mats - If the car lover in your life has worn out car mats, why not buy them a new set? This will immediately improve the interior of their car and everyone loves a new set of car mats.. right!?

Car Care Kit - If there’s one thing a petrol head enjoys as much as a good drive, it’s giving their car a good clean. A car care pack will often include products such as car shampoo, polish, a sealant and different treats for a car’s wheels.

Branded Car Merchandise - There is a great selection of branded car merchandise on offer including watches, promotional clothing, USB sticks, mugs and much, much more to suit a wide range of budgets!

Car Magazine Subscription - A gift that keeps on giving, buy a magazine subscription to their favourite car magazine, whether it be supercars or classic cars, there are options for all and your car lover will receive your gift every month.  There are 6-month options and 12-month options available so you can go for the option that fits in best with your budget.

Socket Set - If the petrolhead in your life loves nothing more than to tinker with their car, then why not go for a new socket kit? A great gift to cover a wide range of motoring jobs!

Or if you’re feeling really generous, why not treat them to a new car! At AvailableCar, we have over 5,000 quality used cars to choose from between £4000 and £24000!

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