Is visiting a car dealership an important part of your car buying experience?

A recent study has revealed that visiting a car dealership is an important part of the car buying experience for over 55% of motorists. Despite the huge growth in online car buying portals, there are still a very high number of motorists who feel that visiting a car dealership, and the personal service that comes with that is still very important to them.

A high number of these motorists are aged over 55 (69%), with motorists aged 34-45 being less likely to visit.

At AvailableCar, we believe the main reason customers want to avoid visiting a car dealership is out of fear that they will be harassed by aggressive salespeople.

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That’s why we do exactly the opposite!

We don’t employ salespeople, we employ Customer Service Helpers and Customer Service Managers, who are all on hand should a customer require any help or assistance, but won’t approach a customer first. We want our customers to enjoy a relaxing, friendly car buying experience, every time!

And they do!

We have even had customers comment on AvailableCar changing their entire perspective of the used car buying experience!

We agree with the study, as we find that the majority of customers do want to visit a car dealership and that it truly is an important part of the car buying process still for so many, however, we also believe that the experience the car dealership provides to the customer, has a profound effect on how they will buy in the future!

Providing a World Class Service, both throughout the sales process and beyond is what is truly important.

If you’re looking for your next used car, visit our website and then pop down to one of our 4 stores located in Castle Donington, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Cannock, and Leeds!

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