After a public vote, the legendary McLaren F1 was revealed at the Classic & Sports Car Show in October to be the overwhelming favourite, taking over 30% of the 17,000 votes cast.

Organisers selected 3 cars from each decade of the last 100 years and offered them up to a worldwide public vote. The subsequent shortlist of 11 included cars from each decade; early Mercedes’, Bentley, Alfa, Ferrari etc, and more modern faourites; Lamborghini, Bugatti etc.

But it was the British designed and built 1990 McLaren which was declared the winner.

Why the McLaren F1? – could be the 243mph top speed, could be the 0-200mph in 28 seconds, or the innovative 3 seater layout, or incredible 1138kg body weight.

Or perhaps it’s the looks.

Whatever it is, it’s difficult to deny it’s a pretty remarkable car. And someone has just paid £6.2m for one!

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