We’ve all been there, its nearly payday and we want to make our fuel last as long as we possibly can, but do you know how far your car will go before you run out of fuel? And can you get into trouble with the police for running out of fuel on a busy road?

A mistake people often make is thinking that their car has 50 miles left when the fuel warning light comes on or thinking that they know their car and how long it can go before the need to fill it up! In actual fact, it can be an awful lot less than 50 miles depending on the car!

Every vehicle is different, and how many miles you have left can depend on various things such as the setting for the warning light by the manufacturer, the size of your tank and driving styles and road conditions at the time the light comes on.

According to the car insurance company LV, these popular cars will last this long before running out of fuel:

Ford Fiesta will last 37 miles

Vauxhall Corsa just 29 miles

Ford Focus should give you 40 miles

VW Golf 42 miles

Vauxhall Astra 26 miles

VW Polo 39 miles

Audi A3 42 miles

Mercedes Benz C-Class 46 miles

Mini Cooper 45 miles

And if you do run out of fuel, depending on where this happens, it could potentially be viewed as causing a disruption by traffic police.

So if you are one of those people who like to gamble when the fuel warning light comes on, you may want to think twice in the future!

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