It’s Halloween tomorrow, and we’re expecting to see some terrifying sights as the ghosts and ghouls take to the streets for a spot of trick or treat.

Alongside the spooky goings on which we’re growing more accustomed to these days, here are some suitably scary cars which have given us the creeps over the years.

Last week, a mad (probably) professor made a grisly creation using assorted body parts from carefully selected cars, much to the horror of pretty much everyone. And forget Christine, Stephen King’s killer Plymouth Fury - you can probably hear the blood-curdling screams of sensible car designers as they peer wide-eyed in horror through their hands at these motoring monstrosities…

Nissan Cube


We’re not sure what this is. Did they give the car the name once they saw its hulking frame emerge from the dimly-lit factory line, or did some mad scientist delve into the darkest reaches of his psyche to create the box-like lusus naturae? Either way, it’s wrong. Luckily, the beast has been banished to its native Japan.

Aston Martin Lagonda


While its more attractive brethren have hit the big screen as Bond’s car of choice over the years, this evil, angular auto prowled the streets of England in the 1970s, terrifying unsuspecting road users with its hideous appearance! Oh the horror!

Fiat Multipla


The Italian car makers raised the Multipla back from the dead during a satanic ritual in 1998 after its predecessor, the 600, was laid to rest in 1965. Behold its bulbous, deformed front and hunched body, its wide-set lights casting a piercing, deathly stare. Form clearly takes a back seat to function here – with frightening consequences.

Austin Allegro


This British-made beast was named ‘the worst British car ever made’. It’s awkward, clunky shape has made it a ghoulish abandoned anomaly. Fittingly, it has a square steering wheel. Square. Wheel.

SsangYong Rodius


Apparently, the design brief was to capture the essence of a luxury yacht. We assume the designer didn’t get the memo and instead  plumbed the depths of a sea of depravity, created an abomination proving that big isn’t always beautiful. This dreadful van-thing needs to not be. Ever.

AMC Gremlin


Much like its impish name, American Motors’ creature is a malfunction of design. Its curious proportions, unusually long snout and truncated rear end make it look like a part of it has been severed – violently carved from existence. Grim.

Suzuki X90


A child’s drawing was the subject of a supernatural phenomena and brought to life as this misshapen misfit. It’s 1.6-litre engine coughed and spluttered to an untimely demise barely 18 months later, withering away into the ether, not before someone strapped oversized cans of Red Bull on to the back of the surviving offspring.

Toyota Kikai


Presumably knowing full well it was going to be unveiled just before Halloween, Toyota scared the pants off punters at the Tokyo Motor Show this week with this twisted miscreation. Suspension arms, exhaust pipes, the fuel tank and engine have been torn from its innards, like the mutilated leftovers of a zombie horde.

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