We thought Miniatur Wunderland was a theme park based on a bull-headed man-beast. We were wrong. It’s actually the world’s largest model railway in Hamburg, Germany.

Boasting around 13,000 metres of track and more than 200,000 super-small citizens, the museum includes tiny replicas of German provinces, American cities and a fully-functioning airport!

Google Maps have covered pretty much everywhere – you can check out 360-degree look at the breathtaking beauty of Mont Blanc, one of Europe’s highest peaks, as well as the sands of the Liwa Desert – and now you can explore the small streets of Miniatur Wunderland on Google’s Street View.

To capture all the nooks and crannies of Hamburg’s tiny tourist hot spot, Google recreated their special cameras – in miniature form – and mounted them on tiny vehicles – from toy cars to trains – to travel through the Wunderland’s little worlds and discover their hidden treasures.

Up first is the Wunderland’s oldest section – Knuffingen, a fictional town situated squarely between the Alps and Harz, with it’s  farmer’s marketlocal fire department and it’s own airport.

You can also see a variety of real places designed with an eye for accuracy – a soccer match in Hamburg’s stadium, a rowdy Oktoberfest celebration and the ski slopes of Austria. There’s also a quick look around the Strip in Las Vegas, and you can even stop by Mount Rushmore.

Click on all the link to go straight to the Street View images and have a look around.

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Image: Google