At AvailableCar, we always strive to give our customers MORE! Whether it’s delivering a World Class Customer Service, our unique Price Promise, the AvailableCar Provenance on every single car, a GREAT price on their part exchange or simply FITTED EXTRAS included in the screen price of their chosen car!

When you have a choice of more than 5,000 used cars, it’s often the FITTED EXTRAS that make the difference. And those extras can vary significantly – so don’t just limit yourself to choosing the car and a colour you’re reasonably happy with.

Manufacturers offer a range of ‘optional extras’ which can add functionality, luxury, or give the car a sportier feel. There are also options to add feature packs, often more economical when purchasing the car from new, these feature packs can add various ‘optional extras’ to your car such as bigger alloys, more sophisticated sat nav systems, Bluetooth, Automatic headlights and much, much more.  The choices are endless, and can often add thousands to the list price of your new car!  This is where buying used can really benefit you! If the car you are purchasing is just a few years old, and when purchased from new had various ‘optional extras’ added to it, choosing your car wisely can mean bagging all those ‘optional extras’, but without having to pay thousands extra for the privilege!

So to sum it all up, when buying a used car from AvailableCar, you are still able to have the choice which was available to the new car buyer – but pay a lot less for it!.

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When you view a car on our website, you can view all standard equipment fitted to the car, and all FITTED EXTRAS added when new, along with how much those extras cost – all of which were paid for by the original owner!

If you have decided on the make and model of your next car, why not do a comparison on our website and take a look at any FITTED EXTRAS these cars may have? Researching the ‘optional extras’ already included can mean having the car you want, without the new car ‘optional extras’ price tag!

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