Four of the world’s largest car manufacturers have agreed a plan which will see the building of a European wide charging network for electric cars – a network which should facilitate the uptake of electric car usage across the continent.

Ford, the BMW Group, Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) and the Volkswagen Group have said that the aim is to build a network of high-powered charging points across Europe with power levels up to 350kW.

The project will begin in 2017 with an aim to build 400 sites initially, then to have ‘thousands’ of charging stations by 2020.
By situating these stations mainly by motorways and main roads, the planned infrastructure would make it much more viable for people to use electric vehicles for long journeys.

The other advantage of course, is that with these large manufacturers agreeing a scheme between them now, then there will be consistencies in connectors and ampages which other manufacturers will follow in the future.

Just imagine if Apple were to get involved – you’d need a whole new set of cables, connectors and dongles every time you wanted to pop to the shops!.

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