Newly-qualified drivers under the age of 25 could soon face severe changes following a proposed change for 17-24-year-old new drivers.

The proposed changes could ban new drivers under the age of 25 from driving at night, and impose other restrictions including a 2-year probation. A new ‘graduated driving licence’ has been proposed, which would impose these restrictions on new drivers.  The restrictions would last for two years whilst the driver gains more experience on the road.

Drivers aged 17-24 are involved in over a quarter of all road traffic accidents and injuries on the road in the UK, which lead to serious injury or death.

The new scheme, which is being proposed, could see new drivers also banned from carrying passengers under the age of 25 unless supervised. Other suggestions have been slashing the drink-drive limit for the first two years and the possibility of a second test after the probation period.

It mirrors similar schemes in Australia, New Zealand and the US where newly-qualified drivers cannot drive after daylight ends or carry passengers under-25 unless supervised.

Currently, new drivers can lose their licence for getting six points in the first two years, meaning two speeding offences would be enough to be taken off the roads.

And Simon McCulloch, at the comparison website comparethemarket, said such a system could also lead to a reduction in car insurance costs – particularity for young drivers who are spending 10% of their salary on just motor cover.

“The idea behind these new plans is clear, and these measures should result in safer roads for all. While it may initially feel like a harsh restriction for new drivers, it’s worth considering that these limitations on their licences should reduce their insurance risk profiles, which could ultimately see the cost of their insurance reduce significantly,” Simon said.

“Young drivers already face much higher costs just to get on the road, with our research indicating that 17-24 year old’s pay, on average, a staggering £2,379 a year to run a car.”

“The largest contributor to that figure is insurance, which costs on average £1,354. Reducing the risk, and therefore the premiums, could go a long way to making driving more affordable for many young people,” he added.”

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