There are so many driving laws that it really can be difficult to keep track of all of them! Because of this it is estimated that millions of us are breaking driving laws every day without even knowing it!  

Here are some of the laws you should know about, but possibly don’t!

Never drive in a lane with a RED X

Driving under a RED X is extremely dangerous and if caught,  you could be prosecuted and receive a fine and penalty points on your licence. In a survey, around one-third of motorists did not understand what a RED X meant! A RED X over any lane means DO NOT drive in that lane under any circumstances.

Eating or Drinking behind the wheel

Although this is not technically illegal, you could be prosecuted for careless driving, if the police believe you were not in proper control of the vehicle.

Swearing or making rude gestures to other drivers

If you do this you are committing a ‘disorderly behaviour‘ offence, which could land you with a fine of up to 75% of your weekly income!

Driving too slowly

Driving too slowly is deemed to be dangerous, just like driving too fast! If you are way under the speed limit you could be fined and receive up to 9 points on your licence.

If you are in London, don’t park on the pavement

Parking on the pavement in London is banned and you could face a £70 fine!

Driving on street lamp lit roads

Don’t drive over 30mph on a street lamp lit road!  If there are no road signs in an urban area, the speed limit is 30mph unless otherwise signposted.  If you drive above 30mph you could end up with a £100 fine and 3 points!

Don’t use your horn inappropriately

A car horn should only be used to alert other drivers to your presence. Using in angrily at other drivers could land you with a fine of between £30 and £1000!

Don’t use a sat nav that isn’t fixed

Using your phone as a sat nav is illegal unless it is fixed to your dashboard.  Under the new mobile phone laws, if you are using a loose sat nav then you could be fined £200 and receive 6 points on your licence.

Dirty number plate

Make sure that your number plate is clearly legible at all times.  Having a dirty number plate that fully or partially obscures your registration is illegal and you could face a fine of between £100 and £1000!

Sleeping in your car whilst intoxicated

If you take a nap in your car whilst intoxicated, you could rack up a minimum of 10 penalty points with the potential to also receive a hefty fine.

Allowing a passenger to cradle a baby

If you allow a passenger to cradle a baby whilst driving, you could land a £100 fine. New child seat laws were introduced in 2017 which saw radical new guidelines for parents travelling with their children in the car.

Failing to clear snow from your roof

If you don’t clear snow from your roof you could be handed three penalty points and a £60 fine. This is because snow and ice can obscure your view and or fall off and obstruct the view of other drivers.

Don’t pay with your mobile phone at a drive-through

Under the new mobile phone laws, it is illegal to use your mobile phone when paying for food at a drive-through and it could cost you £200 and 6 penalty points!

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