It appears that it’s not only speeding fines here is the UK that are changing! British drivers will soon face fines of up to £640 if caught speeding in France, the Netherlands and 12 other EU countries, under a new controversial EU Law!

As millions of us prepare to head off on our summer holidays to the EU, the last thing on our minds will be speeding fines, but if you are planning to drive throughout your holiday, then you will need to be aware of the new rules!

Previously, Britons could only be fined in Europe if they were in a hire car, where their details were available, or if they were stopped by the side of the road.  However, EU countries will soon be able to obtain information from the DVLA.  The new directive covers speeding and 7 other motoring offences, including driving whilst using a mobile phone, failing to stop at a red light and not wearing a seat belt!

Motorists are looking at fines of up to €750 (£650) under the new rules, for example, breaking the speed limit by more than 31mph, could see you being handed with the maximum fine!

However, these rules only go one way! British police will still be unable to hand out fines to drivers from the EU, who commit motoring offences here.  This is because in the UK, the responsibility lies with the drivers rather than the registered keeper of the vehicle and in at least 14 EU countries, it’s the vehicle owner who pays the fines, even if they weren’t the one driving!

The Department for Transport is still obliged to bring these new rules into effect whilst it is still a member of the EU, but once we leave, then parliament will have the power to amend the law. It is estimated that speeding fines by foreign drivers, cost the UK’s government more than £2 million a year in lost income!

So if you are driving in the EU this summer, watch your speed, otherwise, your summer holiday could end up costing you much more than you thought!

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