As we head into Autumn, we need to prepare our cars for the switch in driving conditions. Autumn brings changes to the roads such as fallen leaves, low sun, and icy windscreens. At AvailableCar, we wanted to share some advice, to try to keep everyone safe on the roads as we head into Autumn.

Autumn can bring a mixture of weather, which can affect driving conditions in a number of different ways.  Here are some tips to keep you as safe as possible:

  • Take care in Fog – It can make the road wet and slippery as well as reducing visibility
  • Keep on top of your Tyre Pressure, Brakes, Windscreen Wipers, Heaters and Demister – Making sure all are in excellent condition/working order
  • Make sure you can see other people and be seen by turning your lights on early enough
  • Watch your speed and if necessary, drive below the speed limit in hazardous weather
  • Make sure your windows are completely clear before starting your journey – particularly free from mist and ice
  • Keeping your windscreen free from smears can really help when driving in low sun
  • Ensure child seats are fitted correctly and children are strapped in
  • Keep your distance from the car in front and adjust your speed accordingly.  Stopping distances need to be much longer in wet weather, particularly when there are leaves on the roads

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