Do you often travel and let your pet roam free in the car?

Well if so, it could be time to reconsider how you travel with your pet, as it could land you with a fine of up to £2,500!

Many of us are completely unaware of the punishment we face for driving with our pets roaming free around the car, and over a third of motorists have admitted to not strapping in their furry friend whilst travelling in the car.

If you are stopped by the police and they deem you to not have proper control of your vehicle, or you are convicted of driving without due care and attention, you could be fined anything from £200 up to a whopping £2,500!

Another problem you could face whilst travelling with an unrestrained pet is that it could invalidate your car insurance. If you have an accident due to an unrestrained pet, your car insurance company could invalidate your policy claiming that you were distracted by your pet and therefore not in full control of your vehicle.

The dangers of travelling with an unrestrained pet are obvious, and therefore should be taken into consideration before any journey, even short ones. Their ability to distract you or get in the way whilst you are driving is putting you at serious risk of an accident. And in the event of an accident, your pet could also be seriously injured if it is not restrained properly.

So if you do often travel with your pet unrestrained in your vehicle, it may be time to think about a safer option for travelling with your pet in the future!

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