We all know that fuel is costly but there are several things that you can do to try and cut your fuel bills.  Improving fuel efficiency is key and by taking note of a few of our fuel saving tips, you could slash your fuel bills by up to 30%!

Here are some top tips on how you can cut your fuel costs….

Don’t fill up your tank

When you fill up your tank you are adding a fair amount of weight, as fuel is heavy! If you fill your tank to half or three quarters full, your car will run more efficiently, saving you up to 1%.

Turn off the air con

Air con uses a huge amount of fuel! If you are driving at lower speeds the much more efficient way to drive is with the windows down and the air con off! If you are driving at higher speeds however, air con is the better option due to the drag caused by having the windows down.  Air con can affect fuel consumption by up to 10% so it is worth considering whether you really need to switch it on!

Empty clutter out of your car

If you are carrying around unnecessary clutter in your boot then unload it! The lighter your car is the less effort it needs to accelerate! De-cluttering can save you up to 2% per 50kg of extra weight or even more if your car is small!

Make sure that your tyres are inflated

Regularly check your tyre pressure as if it’s low, it increases the drag on your car causing it to use more fuel! This can save you up to 3%.

If you have a roof rack, take it off when you’re not using it

A roof rack adds wind resistance to a car, which increases the drag and makes the engine work harder.  If you don’t need it, take it off as it can use up to an extra 10% in fuel consumption!

Don’t accelerate hard

The harder you press on the accelerator, the more fuel you will use!  Increase your speed gradually and you will use less fuel but still reach the same speed! And you will be less likely to need to brake hard which also uses more fuel!

Find the cheapest petrol or diesel prices

When you need fuel, research the cheapest place to buy fuel online first.  There is a website, petrolprices.com, where you can sign up for free and find out the cheapest fuel prices each week.  It will show you the petrol stations within a 5+-mile radius and the prices for both petrol and diesel.  Fuel prices can vary between areas and so it could save you a decent amount of money.

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