A dash-cam can be a very useful piece of kit for motorists! It records everything that happens on your journey, which can help to keep you safer on the road!

Having a dash-cam fitted can benefit you in many different ways.  From the moment you start your engine, a dash-cam will record every second of your journey! This means that should you witness another motorist driving dangerously, or you are involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, you will have video evidence to either send to the police or to your insurance company! There have been several news stories recently where footage received from dash-cams, has led to drivers being taken to court and disqualified from driving as a result.

One of the main benefits of investing in a dash-cam is that it can actually save you money!  There are a number of insurance providers who offer discounts to drivers who install one of their approved dash-cams.

Here are some of the top reasons why we believe that having a dash-cam fitted, is a smart choice:

1. Video evidence of accidents – Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident, a dash-cam will provide you with the evidence you will need to give to your insurance company.  Should the other party give a false account of the accident to their insurance company, you will have the proof you need to ensure that the claim goes in your favour.

2. Report dangerous driving - Most drivers will have had one of those moments, where another driver has done something so dangerous on the road, that it has put their life or someone else’s life at risk!  Well, your dash-cam will record the footage of any dangerous driving incidents that you witness whilst driving, which you can then report to the police and provide them with the footage!

3. Crash for Cash - We have all heard of ‘crash for cash’ stories where a motorist will purposely cause an accident in a bid to blame the other driver.  They will often claim there is substantial damage or fake injuries, in order to seek a much higher payout from your insurance company.  A dash-cam will record any footage of a ‘crash for cash’ scam, giving you the evidence you need to prove to your insurance company, that their claim is false.

4. Speeds up insurance claims – Being able to provide video evidence to your insurance company with footage from a dash-cam will allow your claim to be processed much quicker.  This will give your insurance company all they need to prove the other motorist was at fault.

5. Road Rage Incidents –  If you are involved in a road rage incident with another driver and there is a physical altercation, or your vehicle is damaged in rage by the other driver, then your dash-cam will record everything.  You can then pass this footage on to the police to investigate.  The footage will not only validate your account of what happened, but it will also provide the police with proof to prosecute the offending driver.

So if you are thinking about buying a new car in the near future, we offer dash-cams with fitting included as one of our extra products.  If you buy a car from us, we can fit the dash-cam for you before you collect the car! Why not visit one of our 4 stores and ask a member of staff about our dash-cams.

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