The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) look to be pressing ahead with a few changes to the UK driving test after months of consultancy and study.

The changes are intended to acknowledge new technology and more realistic driving scenarios and manoeuvres and are set to be introduced later this year.

• Independent Driving – this part of the test is set to increase from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. (Independent driving is the part of the test where the examiner tells us to drive somewhere and then keeps quiet, and we have to remember their instructions on how to get there).

• Satellite Navigation – following Sat-Nav instructions will form part of the driving test (possibly part of the independent driving section)

• Reversing round corners and turn in the road to be replaced – probably with something like reversing into and out of a parking bay.

• Safety Questions – one of the two safety questions will be asked whilst the candidate is driving. This could be a straight forward question or it could be something like ‘switch on the rear window heater’.

These all seem to make sense – they all seem to reflect ‘real-world’ driving scenarios and they all seem geared towards safety.

As previously reported, it’s also being considered that driving instructors could be allowed to take learners onto motorways, which again, would go a long way to giving more real-world experience and leading to safer roads.

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