In the last 12 months, car insurance costs have risen by more than 15 percent and it looks like it’s only going to get worse! However, there are ways that you can try to keep the cost down…

From April this year, insurance renewal quotes have to show you the previous years premium, so that you can see the difference in cost between that and your renewal quote.  It may sound obvious but you really should shop around for your car insurance.  Automatically renewing your policy or going with the first quote you are given could really cost you! Use comparison sites to find the best deal you can, but make sure your policy is like for like and includes everything you need, but at the same time, doesn’t include extras that you don’t need!

Check the details of your current policy.  Is it still relevant? Are you now doing fewer miles or no longer using your car for commuting? These factors can all contribute to reducing the cost of your car insurance.

Check your policy for extras such as windscreen cover, courtesy car provision, legal service, and breakdown, as although these can be handy, they can also bump up the cost of your insurance if you don’t need them!

If you are in a position to, increase your voluntary excess.  This is a simple and quick way to reduce your premium.  If you don’t make any claims, it will save you money, however, if you do you need to claim, you will need to consider the higher excess.

If you have any younger and inexperienced drivers on your policy or named drivers with motoring convictions or high-risk jobs, this can push up your premium. If they don’t regularly drive your car then it might be much more cost effective to add them temporarily, as and when you need to, rather than paying to have them on your policy all the time. On the other hand, low-risk drivers can actually reduce your premium.

If you can afford to, pay it all upfront! Paying monthly can often incur interest charges which will usually cost you around 10% more.

Particularly for younger drivers, telematics boxes are becoming more common. By tracking how and when you drive, the cost of your insurance can be tailored to you.  If you are a sensible and safe driver, then you’ll be rewarded! Some insurers even offer a discount just for signing up for a telematics box.

We hope this helps you when searching for your car insurance!

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