It may be a Blue Monday for AA members, but there’s a lot to be cheerful about as a recent survey by the motoring association has revealed it is the preferred colour when looking for a new car.

According to the AA, who surveyed more than 25,000 of its members, blue (21%) has overtaken silver (19%) as the most popular colour. Other popular colours were black (18%) and red (14%).

The top choices for members aged 18-24 were black (29%), blue (17%) and white (15%). Those aged 65 and over, however, chose silver (24%), blue (20%) and red (15%).

Blue was the most popular choice in the West Midlands (23%) – possibly as Birmingham City FC are known as ‘blues’, suggests the AA.

David Bruce, director of AA Cars, said: “There has been no radical change in car colours over the last couple of years, although we have seen a surge in red and white cars. When buying a used car you need to have a degree of flexibility in your colour choice but don’t make any rash judgements – it is you that will have to live with that purple or brown car.”

Some drivers of blue cars are attracted to the stability, truthfulness and serenity of the colour, according to experts. Driving a blue car or SUV might indicate that you are dependable and trustworthy, especially with female drivers, who are drawn to the ‘happy’ colour.

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