Small cars are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not difficult to see why! There are a wide range of benefits to opting for a small car, from affordability, manoeuvrability to improved safety! Here we take a look at some of the main benefits of choosing a small city car!

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The benefits of a small car


Small cars are often not only cheaper to buy, but they’re also generally much more affordable to run too. With smaller engines, which are usually more efficient, smaller cars also tend to have better fuel economy. Another benefit is that smaller cars often have lower emissions meaning they cost less to tax. In addition to this, the insurance premium is usually lower on smaller cars due to the purchase price and smaller engine size.


It used to be that if you bought a small car, technology was virtually non-existent! But now many of the modern small cars are packed with technology!

Wi-Fi connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are among just a few of the products available, allowing you to access compatible apps via your cars touchscreen infotainment system display.

Easy to park and manoeuvrability

A huge benefit of a small car is how easy they are to park! The compact nature of a small car means they can fit into much smaller spaces, making finding a parking space much easier and quicker!

They’re also naturally more responsive when it comes to handling, making it so much simpler to manoeuvre into a parking space! And even in tight spaces, you still have room to get in and out easily without worrying about bumping other cars!

It’s also much simpler to turnaround if you need to make a U-turn!


 Advances in engineering, improvements in safety features and better technology have enabled manufacturers to significantly enhance the safety of smaller vehicles.

Euro NCAP testing means that manufacturers now strive to ensure small cars perform just as well as their larger counterparts with many small city cars having scored highly in testing over recent years.

Re-sale value

 In addition to having a lower purchase price, small cars can also have a better resale value. Appealing to a wide range of buyers from the young/new driver, to the older driver, the affordability and manoeuvrability factors mean they have a good reputation amongst buyers.

And as the government tightens city emission targets, small cars are likely to become more and more appealing to all driver!

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