When you have bought a car in the past, you may have noticed that you were charged an ‘admin fee’! This is added on to the cost of the car sale, usually for things such as paperwork, checks, valeting the car, number plates and shockingly, sometimes even for the use of the car dealerships IT equipment to process the sale and paperwork. The cost of the ‘admin fee’ and what it covers will often vary from dealer to dealer, but from what we have seen, these are often between £99 and £149, sometimes even more!

So the price you see, may not always be the price you will end up paying! These fees are frequently hidden, and then not disclosed until the customer is so far along with the sale, it’s almost impossible to walk away!

It recently came to light that car dealers were advertising cars displaying the cost of the car plus an ‘admin fee’ but not stating how much the ‘admin fee’ was!  AutoTrader has now refused to carry any adverts on their website that do not include the cost of the ‘admin fee’ within the advertised price of the car.  Whilst this makes the pricing clearer for customers, it doesn’t alter the fact that the customer is still being charged an ‘admin fee’ for what we believe are standard checks and services that should be offered to customers free of charge!

At AvailableCar, our admin fee is £0.00! We simply don’t charge one because we don’t believe that is fair! We do all our checks, inspections, valeting, paperwork & number plates, free of charge!

Why should our customers pay extra to buy a car from us? We believe that the preparation of our cars is just all part of our ‘World Class Service’, which we strive towards, every single day!

It’s about keeping it honest and keeping it simple!

When you buy a car from us, the price you see is the price you pay!  Everyone gets the same great price because all our cars are priced exactly as they should be, so there is no need for negotiation! And that’s how our customers like it!

And to guarantee this, we offer our unique Price Promise! This means that if you did find a car, of the same quality and value, cheaper at another car supermarket or main dealer within 7 days of vehicle order, we will refund the difference!

So if you are considering buying a car, always check for ‘admin fees’ to make sure that the price you see, is actually the price you pay!

Browse more than 5,000 cars on our website between £4000 and £24000 today!

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