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Watch these great Super Bowl 50 car ads

This Sunday, millions will sit down to watch Super Bowl 50 – and the creative car commercials that will feature in the ad breaks. Check them out here.

New Think! campaign targets those who reach for a second glass this Christmas

A new campaign by the Department of Transport’s road safety group has launched in time for Christmas, making you think twice about having that second drink.

Watch stunt driver Alastair Moffat getting into a tight spot

Stunt driver Alastair Moffat has earned the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel park in reverse in a hugely impressive manoeuvre in a Mini.

Midlands-built Jaguar F-PACE breaks loop-the-loop record

Watch Jaguar mark its 80th anniversary by sending it’s new Midlands-built F-PACE family sports car round a Guiness World Record-breaking loop-the-loop.

The Lexus Hoverboard has been unveiled

Last month, a little teaser of the Lexus Hoverboard was shared. What was science fiction is now fact as pro skater Ross McGouran took it for a test ride.

The Trunk Monkey – here to help in your time of need

American dealership-with-a-difference Suburban Auto Group have created a beast of an ad campaign over the years with their exclusive Trunk Monkey offer…

Lexus has made a real-life hoverboard – The Slide

Lexus has brought to life one of the Back To The Future II movie’s more iconic predictions – a real-life hoverboard for all you Marty McFlys out there.

Samsung’s ‘transparent’ Safety Truck to improve road safety

Samsung have unveiled new ‘transparent’ Safety Trucks which allow drivers to see what’s on the road ahead and know when it is safe to pass, thanks to some simple yet brilliant tech.

Watch pro driver tackle 3D Virtual Drift course in a Mustang

In a slightly sci-fi way of promoting engine oil, professional driver Matt Powers gets behind the wheel of his Roush Stage 3 Mustang wearing a virtual reality headset for an out-of-this-world ride with Virtual Drift.

Check out the Dark Knight’s new Batmobile

Ben Affleck’s Batman is getting a new ride – and here’s a detailed glimpse of the new Batmobile which will feature in next year’s Batman v Superman movie.

Watch Hyundai cars create teenager’s message to astronaut dad

Watch a fleet of Hyundai cars help an astronaut on the International Space Station receive a message from his daughter on Earth in this touching video.

Watch Jaguar XF perform the world’s longest high-wire water crossing

This stunt takes car launches to new heights as Bond stunt driver Jim Dowdal takes the Jaguar XF 240 metres across the River Thames on 18-metres-high wires.

Stunt car racer takes ‘dates’ out for a spin in a Mustang GT. Literally.

To promote the red-hot 2015 Mustang – and in timely fashion, given that it’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday – Ford have unveiled a quirky video for a Mustang Speed Dating prank.

Watch the moment a Lamborghini Huracan crashes at over 200mph

This video has been doing the rounds online this week after Hungarian police released the footage of a Lamborghini Huracan driver hitting 208mph before losing control and crashing.

Check out the wild new advert for the Jeep Cherokee

Jeep have brought the wilds of Canada to a city street in the heart of Vancouver with their latest advert promoting the new Cherokee. 

Woman runs over dog in surprising Russian ad for the Subaru XV

Don’t panic! It’s only a TV advert – a clever one at that. Dashcams are all the rage in Russia, so the grainy footage only adds to the realness of the ad which, well, watch for yourself…

Driver has a close call with a tornado

Probably not the best of times to go for a drive. This footage captures the incredible moment a driver reverses out of a garage into the path of a rather vicious tornado. He survives. His garage doesn’t.

Not everything is what it seems in Honda CR-V advert

This advert for the Honda CR-V distorts reality, showing the car traverse some pretty nifty optical illusions. Titled “An Impossible Made Possible”, it’s well worth a few viewings to appreciate the intricate illusions.

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