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Should you fit Winter Tyres to your car?

Is it worth splashing out on special tyres for winter driving or is it just a waste of money? In many parts of Europe it’s a legal requirement for drivers to fit specialist winter tyres (and also winter wheels) during… Continue Reading →

How much does a lifetime of motoring cost? (you’ll be stunned!)

A new study has worked out the total average cost of a lifetime of motoring – factoring everything from the cost of passing your test to buying and running your car(s), including repairs, fuel and servicing etc. And it’s pretty… Continue Reading →

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – what it means for the motorist

As you’d expect, there’s good and bad news for the average motorist who’s looking to save a few quid. First the good – The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has cancelled the proposed 2p per litre fuel duty rise planned for next… Continue Reading →

Using premium fuels? – there’s probably no point.

Most petrol stations sell premium ‘high performance’ fuels yet there’s little or no performance difference for most standard cars. The AA has said that for most, high performance fuels are unnecessarily pricey for regular use and there is no performance… Continue Reading →

Fuel Efficiency Tips – Get More Miles For Your Money!

With fuel prices rising (again/constantly/inevitably), there are a few things we can all do to squeeze an extra few miles out of our fuel spend which could add up to significant savings in the long run (or several short runs… Continue Reading →

5 Super Cars For Dog Owners

If you’ve been a dog owner for a number of years, you probably know your pooch pretty well by now. You can tell when they want to go for a walk. You know when they’re hungry. You can see when… Continue Reading →

Car insurance costs are on the rise again

Car insurance has risen by 17% in the last 12 months, and by 3% in the 3rd quarter of 2016 – according to the latest Confused.com / Willis Towers Watson car insurance price index. And it’s older drivers who are… Continue Reading →

Are you used car brand loyal? – 74% fancy a change

New research has found that many drivers would prefer to change brands when they change their car. By analyzing thousands of used car searches and valuation requests, Motors.co.uk have found that 74% of people are looking to move from their… Continue Reading →

‘No Fuel Price Increase’ they said. ‘We’ll see’ we said.

Last week the RAC assured us that there was no need to panic over increased oil prices and that these increases wouldn’t find their way to the pumps. We expressed our doubts. Now the RAC are warning that both petrol… Continue Reading →

Are your tyres legal? – ours are!

A recent survey by Kwik-Fit has revealed that defective tyres are the reason people are being given penalty points in a staggering 50% of defective vehicle offences. The majority of these were due to insufficient tyre tread depth, with 65%… Continue Reading →

HPI Checks. What are they and are they worthwhile?

At AvailableCar, with so many cars for sale and to help ensure Customer satisfaction, we need to make sure we do as many checks as possible. We use HPI to check our car’s history. What is an HPi Check? –… Continue Reading →

Smart Motorways – What, how and why!

We’ve all had to put up with years of road works, particularly on the M1 Motorway in the East Midlands, whilst they’ve been building the ‘Smart Motorways’. But what are they, how do they work and why are they better… Continue Reading →

Wet weather driving advice from experts

It’s approaching that time of year again (again!) where the weather turns wet and we have to make adjustments to our driving to allow for the more dangerous and difficult conditions. The Institute of Advanced Motorists have given drivers some… Continue Reading →

Using a mobile whilst driving – don’t do it!

From 2017, drivers caught using their mobile phone whilst driving now face six penalty points as well as a fine of £200. The Government has recently announced this new set of rules in a further attempt to clamp down on… Continue Reading →

UK car insurance prices are on the up again, new research warns

Motorists face the biggest rise in car insurance premiums for five years with costs rising by an average of £115 over the last year, warns new research.

Car running costs now cheaper than travelling by train or bus

As drivers are now enjoying the lowest running costs for decades, according to the DfT, we take a look at how you can reduce costs of driving further.

Driving on an empty tank – how low should you go?

When your fuel warning light come on, how far can you drive – and should you always fill your tank up full, or drive with less fuel for better mileage?

Saving cash with your car

Owning a car can be an expensive thing. Running costs can hit those wallets hard, but there are plenty of ways to help bring down the price of driving.

You’ll always remember your first car – how to get it right

Your first car means so much – it’s independence, it’s freedom, excitement and adventure. It’s saying goodbye to the miserable bus commute, at least.

Finance made easy and transparent with AvailableCar

The way people buy cars is changing and more buyers are choosing finance deals. We can help you find the right car and the right affordable finance package.

Preparing your car for the winter weather

We’ve enjoyed a fairly mild winter so far, but snow has been forecast for next week, so maybe it’s time to get your car in check ahead of the bad weather.

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