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Need a Christmas Gift idea for the ‘Car Lover’ in your life?

It’s nearly here! Christmas is just around the corner… in fact, Christmas Eve is just 5 weeks away! So here are some great Christmas gift ideas for the car lover in your life! Lego Technic Car Model - Guaranteed to thrill… Continue Reading →

Do you really need winter tyres?

Do you need Winter tyres? There is a common misconception that Winter tyres are purely for use in snow, however, this simply isn’t true and the clue is in the name – Winter Tyres! They are designed for temperatures below 7ºC,… Continue Reading →

Winter Driving – Your Checklist for the Winter months ahead!

We all know how severe winter weather can be, and there is no doubt that those wintery mornings will soon be on their way, so, we thought we would give you some tips on how to stay safe driving in… Continue Reading →

How to check your tyres!

Do you know how to check your tyres? Learning how to check your tyres as a driver is essential. Most modern cars now have a tyre pressure indicator to alert you when your tyres are under or over-inflated, however, you… Continue Reading →

Which type of used car should you buy?

Choosing a used car can be a difficult decision. Often customers are baffled about where to begin! But there is a way you can quickly narrow down your used car choices by simply asking yourself a few basic questions! Choosing… Continue Reading →

How much does having penalty points on your driving licence really cost you?

Recent Department for Transport data shows there are currently 2,711,493 motorists in Great Britain with penalty points on their licence –That’s 6.65 percent of the total driving population! But what does it really cost you to have penalty points on your… Continue Reading →

Considering a Hybrid? Here’s what you need to know…

If you’re on the lookout for a new car and considering a Hybrid, here is what you need to know: A hybrid car is one that uses more than one means of propulsion – this means combining a petrol or… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Selling Used Cars Of 2019 So Far!

We have the latest used car sales data from SMMT (The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders) and we can announce the ‘Top 10 Selling Used Cars Of 2019 So Far!’ And there is no surprise that the Ford Fiesta… Continue Reading →

Why buy used over new? The answer…

Well, simply buying USED over NEW can SAVE you a HUGE amount of money! As we all know, new cars depreciate at a rapid rate! On average, by the end of the first year, a new car will have lost… Continue Reading →

Motorists are more inclined to visit car dealers than ever before!

Is visiting a car dealership an important part of your car buying experience? A recent study has revealed that visiting a car dealership is an important part of the car buying experience for over 55% of motorists. Despite the huge… Continue Reading →

Are you heading off on holiday next week? All ready to go? Then make sure your car is too!

If you are heading off with the family for the school holidays next week, we want to help to get you on your way safely with a handy checklist to keep you moving!  By working your way through our checklist,… Continue Reading →

Best Used Family Cars under £20,000

Choosing the right used family car can be a challenge!  Nowadays, there is so much choice with a huge range of family cars available. We hope that we can help in your search by letting you know some of the top… Continue Reading →

The benefits of a small car

Small cars are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not difficult to see why! There are a wide range of benefits to opting for a small car, from affordability, manoeuvrability to improved safety! Here we take a look at some of… Continue Reading →

Best cars for dog owners

Whether you have owned a dog for some time, or are about to bring a dog into your family for the first time, knowing the best cars for dog owners can be incredibly valuable when looking to purchase your next… Continue Reading →

Are you planning on driving in Europe this summer?

With the uncertainty of Brexit looming, if you’re planning a European road trip this summer, then it is important that you understand some of the differences between driving in the UK and driving in Europe.  Firstly, if you are heading to… Continue Reading →

Manual vs Automatic – Which one should you choose?

So the old Manual vs Automatic debate – The majority of vehicles driven in the UK are manual, however, there are benefits to both and it really does come down to personal choice.  Here we run through the pros and… Continue Reading →

Putting the wrong fuel in your car! Would you know what to do?

Misfuelling is a mistake around 150,000 motorists make in the UK every year, but one that can be VERY costly, so it’s definitely worth knowing what to do should you ever make the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in… Continue Reading →

Driving laws 2019! How will these new rules affect you?

There are NEW driving laws being introduced into the UK in 2019. But how will these affect you? MOT rules Following the alteration to the MOT rules that occurred in 2018, these are set to change once again in 2019…. Continue Reading →

‘Admin Fees’ when buying a car! Annoying right? Here is what lots of dealers claim an ‘Admin Fee’ is for and why we don’t charge one!

When you have bought a car in the past, you may have noticed that you were charged an ‘admin fee’! This is added on to the cost of the car sale, usually for things such as paperwork, checks, valeting the… Continue Reading →

Winter Checklist – Stay safe on the road this winter!

We have already had a taste of how severe winter weather can be, and no doubt there will be more to come, therefore, we thought we would give you some tips on how to stay safe driving in wintery weather… Continue Reading →

Best Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers!

If you’re struggling with Christmas gifts this year for the petrol head in your life, then we have some great ideas to share with you!  With ideas to suit all budgets, we are sure there will be something in our… Continue Reading →

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