If you’ve been a dog owner for a number of years, you probably know your pooch pretty well by now. You can tell when they want to go for a walk. You know when they’re hungry. You can see when they want some attention or need a bit of peace and quiet.

However, no matter how close a connection you have with your canine, there’s no real way of understanding how your four-legged friend truly feels about travelling in your car with you. That’s why you should take the time to look for a car that can help your dog feel as comfortable as possible whenever you take him or her out on the road.
Fortunately, there are plenty of vehicles out there on the market that are ideal for dogs. Five of the best are listed right here.

Like any dog-friendly vehicle, the Volvo V90 is big, bold and roomy – with a 560-litre boot that can extend as far as 1560 litres when the seats are flattened. It’s smooth to drive too, reducing the risk of your dog being thrown about if you decide to venture off road to seek out a scenic walking spot.
Volvo have a reputation as being one of the finest car manufacturers when it comes to safety, which ought to offer you some peace of mind when it comes to travelling with your trusty companion. A brilliant bonus is that the Volvo V90 also looks pretty fantastic, and you can often find it for a very competitive price too.

There’s a great little feature of the Citroen C4 Cactus that makes it perfect for inquisitive pooches who like to gaze out upon the world when they’re going for a ride in your car. Instead of the rear windows sliding up and down like an ordinary vehicle, the Cactus is built with hinge windows that prop open just enough to let in a nice cool breeze. This allows your dog to poke his or her head out of the window whilst you’re on the move, but not so much as to put themselves in danger. There’s also 1170 litres of boot space on the Cactus: offering decent room for any decent-sized dog.

It probably won’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that the Land Rover Discovery SUV is a great candidate for the best dog-friendly car available on the market right now. Built to manoeuvre across bumpy terrain with excellent handling, your pet can lie back in the 1124 room of space at the rear of the vehicle without the risk of tumbling to the ground. The panes of glass on the Discovery SUV also stretch across the side of the vehicle and wrap around the rear, offering your pup the opportunity to gaze upon the scenery outside and enjoy the ride.

The lofty ride height and near-noiseless running sound of the Nissan Qashqai can make your dog feel as though they’re on floating on a cloud rather than riding in a car. If your pet is spooked easily by the grumble of the car engine, the extremely low noise levels of Qashqai should put these qualms to bed, with the seats sitting over fifteen hundred millimetres above ground level.
The integrated Nissan Safety Shield technology also renders the Qashqai one of the safer SUVs on the market today, with smart features like drowsiness detection and traffic sign recognition minimalizing the chances of an accident occurring and allowing you and your dog to stay safe. There’s also a generous 1585 litres in the back, which means your pet will find comfort in Qashqai even if they’re on the larger size.

Finally, the Ford S-MAX is another car worth considering when it comes to selecting a vehicle that’s suitable for your pooch. By folding down rearmost and middle row seats, you’ll create a gigantic 2,020 litres of space – more than enough for pretty much any sized dog to sit comfortably and even stretch out a bit if they fancy catching a few cheeky Z’s during the drive.
The S-MAX is also regarded as one of the best handling MPV’s on the market too, which bodes well for any dog that gets fidgety in the event of sharp turns or bumps in the road.

Even if none of the above cars are appealing to you, they certainly provide a good idea of what to look for when considering your next dog-friendly car, so why not browse the rest of our car stock and see if anything else appeals?
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